David Despain, Isagenix International

“Give Joe any challenge. It won’t take long for the right side of his brain to burst a storm of brilliant solutions for your company.”


Joel Bikman, Mannatech

“Joe is an incredible talent, and someone I really enjoy working with. He’s a fantastic scriptwriter, great editor and is one of the funnier people I know. He’s also one of my preferred people to brainstorm with; he’s innovative, inventive, always has an informed opinion and he’s not afraid to call it as he sees it. I can’t recommend Joe highly enough, unless you’re looking to hire him away. . . If that’s the case, he’s terrible. Seriously.”


Jeff Pizzino, Authenticity PR

“From the creative concept to the finished product, Joe’s mastery of audio/video production is enviable. He knows how to take a strategic concept and make it come alive so that the message delivered is on target and achieves the results desired. Plus, he’s simply a jolly chap with a great sense of humor–which makes it a lot of fun to work with him.”


Brian Mitchell, Promotion Vault

“Joe has an extensive background in the direct sales industry which was instrumental in creating an impactful sales video for our company. His understanding of the market helped him to truly grasp our messaging and create a powerful video that continues to attract the attention of prospective clients. Joe is knowledgeable, talented and precise in his work and delivers affordable and timely video services.”